Strategic Priorities

To reach our goals, we are focused on five strategic themes. These themes will help us to organise our strategies and activities over the next five years.

Digital Strategies

Objective: To develop and enhance the College’s technological infrastructure

  • Development of a 3 year Information Technology plan
  • Access to fast, reliable data
  • Availability of campus wide wi-fi
Fit for Purpose Infrastructure

Objective: To provide capital plant that is; fit for purpose, in top condition and is environmentally and economically sustainable, by 2020

  • Finalise the plan to refurbish our building stock and optimise the use of space
  • The refurbishment will commence with the upgrading of the accommodation in Hambly which will commence 2015
Financial Strength

Objective: To develop the financial resources to achieve our long-term vision

  • Develop strategies to build demand through social media marketing strategies
  • Explore alternative revenue streams
  • Financial modelling to ensure redevelopment is affordable
Reputational Leadership

Objective: To develop and diversify our academic and pastoral support programs

  • Enhancing tutorial and peer learning opportunities for residents
  • Strengthen our pastoral care and enhance the wellbeing and resilience of everyone at Lincoln.
Collaborative Relationships

Objective: To develop and form relationships with educational institutions in order to expand our outreach to a wider and more diverse audience

  • Continue to strengthen our relationship with the Universities
  • Forge relationships with the Uniting Church and with the boarding school sector