Values & Mission

Our Purpose

“The function of the College is to provide a comfortable, supportive and secure community environment for students. The College seeks to foster excellence in all aspects of its life; it provides academic and study assistance; it supports Christian worship in a context of respect for other religions, beliefs and customs; it encourages the exploration of life values and respect for personal, spiritual, professional and community values.” Lincoln College Constitution

Our Mission

To enrich the lives of our residents by offering unique opportunities for development within a dynamic learning community.

Our core values

Empowering our residents to flourish throughout their lives by:

  • Broadening our cultural horizons
  • Deepening our care for others and ourselves
  • Developing innovative critical thinkers & decision makers
  • Encouraging committed citizenship through informed debate
  • Building resilience, strengthening skills
  • Fostering healthy traditions
  • Stewarding our assets and capital
  • Modelling sustainability and accountability
  • Celebrating accomplishments – students, staff, alumni

Lincoln College prides itself in striving to enrich the lives of our residents by offering unique opportunities for academic and social development within a dynamic learning community.

While nurturing students’ transition to university life, we take care to support body, mind and spirit in a secure and supportive environment.

We offer our international students an Australian experience while encouraging them to celebrate their traditional cultures and expand our Australian students' perspectives. Likewise, our Australian students have a chance to learn vast amounts about other cultures and how to embrace the differences, and more importantly similarities, which their fellow Lincolnites share.

Lincoln prides itself on fostering an ethos of proactive contribution to society. Many of our Alumni have gone on to hold positions wherein they can positively influence their industries.

Whatever your cultural background, academic discipline or university, Lincoln will look after you.

The College has a strong Fair Treatment Policy and trains student leaders to assist with implementation of the policy.