Jennifer Connolly Residential Advisor

Tell us what you love about Lincoln:
Everyone at Lincoln is so passionate, caring and genuine and the whole community is a family. There is always someone there willing to talk to you when you need it.

What are you studying and where?
Veterinary Bioscience at The University of Adelaide (Roseworthy Campus).

Why did you choose to come to Lincoln? Why have you stayed?
I came to Lincoln as I was moving interstate for university, and everything I had heard about living in a residential college from my siblings sounded amazing. I didn't know much about Lincoln before I came, however after being here for only one year I had fallen in love with the whole community and the incredible environment and opportunities it provided that I knew I couldn't leave.

What makes you happy?
My family and friends, animals (especially horses, cows and dogs), horse riding, Christmas and seeing other people being happy or doing the things they are passionate about.

What is your favourite book or film?
Love Actually