Melanie Everard Residential Services Assistant

I am proud to be part of the positive and friendly community that is Lincoln College. Staff and residents together create such a welcoming environment for everyone. In an environment where study is priority the community come together to create many positive memories. I enjoy working at Lincoln with my colleagues; we have such a dynamic and supportive team. I like helping people. The work I do helps create an easier and better experience at College for the residents while they focus on their studies. Getting to know the residents and learning about their different backgrounds and interests. The different interactions in College Central and at events show the friendships formed, support and strong community vibe Lincoln’s environment offers.

In my spare time I enjoy socialising with family and friends, going to the beach, being outside enjoying the sunshine on my hammock, listening to music and exploring hidden or unknown walking trails and sites.

Being outside in the sunshine, eating sweets, listening to reggae music and being surrounded by family and friends all make me happy.

I quite enjoy films, equally my favourite are The Patriot, the Once Were Warriors trilogy and National Lampoons Vacation. I enjoy anything that is a comedy, horror or has a true story history behind it.

I prefer reading articles that I can learn something new. Favourite novel is Jake’s Long Shadow from the Once Were Warriors trilogy.

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