Alumni Association

The Lincoln College Alumni Association Inc. was reformed in 2006 to:

  • promote and continue unity and fellowship among the members of the Association and between members of the Association and students attending the College
  • continue the connection and interest of the members with the College
  • promote and further everything that relates or may relate to the welfare of the College


The Alumni Association is always looking to increase dialogue and help create community links, even across the globe. Please don’t hesitate to contact them to find out what membership can do for you.

Membership forms are available here and can be submitted to their Executive Officer via email.

Alumni Association Committee

President  Dr Justin Ripper (1987 - 88) Email
Vice President Miss Helen Ahrens (2009 - 11) Email
Secretary Mrs Dorothy Effie (1974 - 76) Email
Treasurer Mr Don Manifold (1987 - 89) Email
Committee members Miss Carly Cannon (1994 - 96) Email
  Mr Phil Kernick (1985 - 87) Email
  Miss Gwendolyn Huang (2006 - 10)  
  Miss Renee Biele (2011 - 13)