Live at Lincoln

Where you live while you study plays a big role in your university experience, getting your degree and your future job prospects.

At Lincoln, we provide student accommodation that gives you an edge. We aim to help you achieve your academic goals, help you get your dream job and have a lot of fun in the process.

From making friends, ensuring a smooth transition to uni life, to helping you get your degree with intensive study tutorials every week. With a range of leadership, training and professional development opportunities and an extensive global alumni network, we focus on giving you an edge over other applicants, helping you get your career started once you get your degree.


Here are some of the reasons why it's great to live at Lincoln.

 great location       social sports calendar       professional development      academic support      global alumni network        personal training   music art


What you get at Lincoln

furnished room      21 meals     onsite gym       unlimited internet      24 7 library      room cleaning