Hear from our students - Grace Parker

6th Year Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery at the University of Adelaide

HFOS Grace Parker Blog

Edrick Koh and Grace Parker on move in day.

What is it like to live at Lincoln?

Living at Lincoln is definitely a home away from home. Everyone makes their room their own and the people living on your floor become your family. It’s lovely to be around people on a similar pathway to you and share in the good times and challenges of uni. Having lived at two different residential colleges in Adelaide, I can attest to Lincoln being an extremely welcoming and accepting community and I would encourage all students new to Adelaide to join us at Lincoln.

Have you found any academic advantages in living here?

Lincoln provides many academic advantages. Firstly, there is a full academic team with tutors specialising in each broad subject area, available to help students. This includes running tutorials, proof-reading assignments, providing help and advice, especially during exam times and assisting students with networking opportunities in their field. There are also many spaces for study and plenty of students both in your year and the years above to ask for help.

What social advantages have been provided?

There are a huge variety of events happening at Lincoln on a weekly basis – from sporting events, pub nights, arts and cooking classes, board games and debating nights as well as corridor and academic cohort events. There are plenty of activities to suit all tastes. In addition to formal events, just running into people around Lincoln and at mealtimes for a casual chat is a great addition to the social life here.

What is your opinion on our sporting opportunities?

Lincoln participates in the inter-college sporting cup throughout the year, which provides regular sporting events to get involved in. I think Lincoln supports and encourages participation in sports and supporting peers who are involved, whilst also offering a more balanced attitude to sports, acknowledging that students have different strengths as well as different levels of university commitment.

How was the transition from high school to university made easier for you?

Having started university at a different residential college, my transition to university was difficult initially. When I moved in to Lincoln I found an environment that was very welcoming and provided the support I needed to settle in. Residents were particularly keen to help out in any way possible, and I found the formal support program for students to also be of a very high standard.

Describe Lincoln in 5 words

Diverse, balanced, accepting, fun, supportive.

What has been your favourite event?

Lincoln Ball and Valedictory Dinner at the end of the year are both amazing events.

Where is your favourite spot to hang out at Lincoln?

Probably the dining hall – I love catching up with everyone each evening and hearing about their day and what’s going on in their life.

What is your fondest memory here?

Once again, probably getting into some hilarious or deep conversations with friends in the dining hall or corridors.

Living at Lincoln has helped me…

...to become more confident living independently and make great friends in Adelaide.

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