Hear from our students - Benjamin Slater

2nd Year Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) at the University of Adelaide

HFOS Ben Slater Blog

Edward Vivian, Ben Slater and Emily Lee, enjoying our Harry Potter themed formal dinner.

What is it like to live at Lincoln?

I love it! The residents are all nice and friendly, the staff are wonderful and I genuinely enjoy the food here. The events are a lot of fun too.

Have you found any academic advantages in living here?

Yes, especially in first year there was a lot of academic support offered in the form of seminars and from my academic tutor. Living amongst people in the same degree is also a major advantage as you can organise group study sessions to go over content and to just having someone there to talk who was going through the same stuff was very relieving. Having a decent printer also helps.

What social advantages have been provided?

The accessibility to events and friends just a short walk away is honestly one of the things I love most about Lincoln. I have been given the opportunity to make some amazing close friends and to be introduced to people from all walks of life.

What is your opinion on our sporting opportunities?

In first year I didn’t realise that inter-college sports worked more like carnival sports where there is maybe a day or week long event, I was led to believe it was more like club sports where it runs for the whole season. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as it gives you the opportunity to try a range of sports in a fun environment and maybe pick up a new skill/ love.

How was the transition from high school to university made easier for you?

Although the transition was extremely difficult and arduous, living at Lincoln helped steer me in the right direction and supported me when I fell behind in work.

Describe Lincoln in five words

A nice place to live.

What has been your favourite event?

College Party last year; the atmosphere was amazing and so many people showed up.

Where is your favourite spot to hang out at Lincoln?

Probably in the kitchenette because there’s usually people out there and it’s fun to just talk and hang out and trash talk TV shows.

What is your fondest memory here?

Hanging out with friends in a mountain of bean bags.

Living at Lincoln has helped me to...

...come out of my shell and make some amazing friends while also serving as a great place to study.

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