Hear from our students - Elizabeth Le Roux

1st Year Bachelor of Architectural Studies at the University of South Australia

HFOS Elize Le Roux Blog

Kiran Mehmi, Elize Le Roux and Annita Paolucci, cheering on our swimmers at SAAUCC swimming.

What is it like to live at Lincoln?

Living at Lincoln is a big privilege as it not only provides us with food and student accommodation while at University but ensures that we’re part of a community with people who are all going through similar experiences. Not only are the student accommodation, food and services great, but being surrounded by these people has made me feel extremely proud to be part of the Lincoln community.

Have you found any academic advantages in living here?

At Lincoln, everyone around you is a full time university student, so having people around you studying encourages you to work harder. Having people around also has the advantage of studying together and working together on projects and other assignments, even when our courses are completely different. It’s another part of being a community and being there for each other to encourage ourselves and the people around us, which has definitely improved my university grades.

What social advantages have been provided?

Being surrounded by people constantly ensures that there are immense social advantages at Lincoln. Whether it’s just eating at dinner, sitting in the hallway, being in the common room or going on a late night food run, people are always there to socialise with. This means that you’re never alone but can still have your own space when needed.

What is your opinion on our sporting opportunities?

The sporting opportunities at Lincoln are always exciting as it not only lets you play and try out different sports, but to even go along and watch and support one another is all part of the Lincoln spirit. Lincoln always has the best attitude to have fun and encourage one another, which to me is more important than winning every time.

How was the transition from high school to university made easier for you?

The transition from high school to university was very uplifting and smooth as Lincoln provided everyone with useful information about university and study. Being from a country town away from family meant that staying at Lincoln also made the transition very easy as most of the people around me were also just starting their first year of university away from home. There are also so many people to help along the way.

Describe Lincoln in five words

Positive, caring, helpful, enjoyable, social.

What has been your favourite event?

My favourite event so far has been beach day. Not only did we have a really enjoyable time at the beach, but the bus ride with everyone there was also highly entertaining and gave me the opportunity to get to know a lot more people during O’week.

Where is your favourite spot to hang out at Lincoln?

My favourite spot at Lincoln is in the common room on the beanbags where people are around playing table tennis or pool and some people might be watching a movie on the projector while sharing popcorn with everyone.

What is your fondest memory here?

My fondest memory at Lincoln is when all my friends round each other up for dinner so we can all go down to the dining hall together. This is when we all learn about each other’s days and how everyone is going. This is my favourite time of day because the whole of Lincoln comes together in one space and it reminds me how lucky I am to be part of this community.

Living at Lincoln has helped me to...

...overcome so many challenges and become a better person by being surrounded by the Lincoln community. I have already learnt so much and have met so many amazing people.

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