Hear from our students - Emily Gazzard

2nd Year Veterinary Bioscience at the University of Adelaide

HFOS Emily Gazzard Blog

Emily Gazzard, Claudia Rigney (alumnus) and Rory Spiers (alumnus), spending some down time at Henley Beach.

What is it like to live at Lincoln?

Living at Lincoln is like staying at a home away from home. There are so many avenues of support in every aspect of life at Lincoln, so I never feel alone. Everyone is so friendly and the staff are always willing to go the extra mile to help you.

Have you found any academic advantages in living here?

Definitely! The library is a great place to study with big open windows and lots of books. Also, the Academic Team are fantastic and are always willing to help you when a subject is giving you some grief.

What social advantages have been provided?

Lincoln provides so many opportunities to be social every week such as, pub nights, sitting down with everyone at dinner, cohort vs cohort games, building vs building games, lawn soccer, and so much more. Growing up I was always a shy person but living at Lincoln has helped me to improve a great deal.

What is your opinion on our sporting opportunities?

Lincoln is not very serious about sport, as we are not a very sporting college. The atmosphere is more relaxed and very, very fun! The sport secretaries are very encouraging of everyone to ‘get in and have a go’ and to try something that perhaps you have never tried before. My favourite sport would have to be swimming. The atmosphere is crazy with every college cheering their heads off for the swimmers. There are also some funny parts during the night, for example the new residents from each college perform thedancethey learnt in O’week, each college mascot has a dance off and there’s a swimming (with clothes on) race, etc.

How was the transition from high school to university made easier for you?

The two main factors that made my transition smooth were the friends I made during O’week and the academic support at Lincoln. Lincoln is fantastic during O’week. The first few days are full on, with activities, introductions, etc. which I thought was great since I only knew one person. At first I thought it would be really hard to make friends at college, however within two days I had already made friends with people who I am still great friends with today. This made it easier to live away from home, as my friends became my second family. Secondly, the academic support at Lincoln is fantastic. I never felt I was alone if I was struggling because there would always be someone there to help me. Even if your academic tutor can’t help you with a specific question they will find someone who can.

Describe Lincoln in five words

Family, friends, learn, dependable, welcoming.

What has been your favourite event?

I would have to say ‘Stag of Origin’ in my first year. Stag of Origin is a night where all past alumni are invited and everyone separates into their respective building floors to compete in silly competitions for a prize. Such tasks include, egg cracking (you’re eliminated if you crack an unboiled egg over your head), sing-off, dance-off, etc. It is a night full of laughs, competitive banter and so much fun!

Where is your favourite spot to hang out at Lincoln?

Definitely the library! Even though it’s primarily a study area, occasionally something will happen or someone will say something that’s funny and everyone joins in on the conversation. It’s basically just a great example of how open and friendly everyone is here.

What is your fondest memory here?

My fondest memory would have to be ‘Stag Week’. This is a week where everyone at Lincoln gets a ‘Secret Stag’ (kind of like Kris Kringle) and you do nice things for your person without them knowing. There is a page on Facebook where everyone posts if they received something from their stag, and I love seeing all the kind things people are doing for one another. Some residents get really creative, which is hilarious!

Living at Lincoln has helped me to…

...make incredible friends, grow academically, and recognise my strengths and weaknesses.

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