A bequest provides an opportunity for you to remember Lincoln College in your will.

Including a bequest to Lincoln in your will offers an important way of providing support towards the future of the College.

Whilst we are part of the Uniting Church and affiliated to the Universities in South Australia, Lincoln College does not receive any financial support from these institutions. Bequests therefore can be vital in ensuring that Lincoln can continue to exist and provide the experience and culture that residents and alumni alike hold precious.

Those who make provision for Lincoln College in their will deserve our gratitude and recognition for their generous support. In making a bequest you will be eligible to become a member of the Stag Society which helps to maintain the tradition and heritage of the College.

As a member of the Stag Society you will be kept informed of College activities and receive specific invitations for you (and a guest) to College events.

Unless you choose to remain anonymous your name will be included on the Stag Society Honour Board.

If you would like to know more about joining fellow Alumni and community members, and become a member of the Stag Society, please contact:

Paul Tosch
Chief Executive Officer
Lincoln College Inc.
45 Brougham Place North Adelaide SA 5006 AUSTRALIA
Phone: +61 8 8290 6000

Thank you for thinking of Lincoln College