Annual Appeal

We are reaching out to our valued community to request support for two very different things, both have a direct impact on Lincoln College and more importantly our residents.

Solar panels, and sporting and personal training equipment to support our well being and resilience program.

I mentioned they were different and we hope together, you can help us.

According to the most recent higher education statistics, there were approximately 1.4 million students studying in Australian universities in 2015. Census data indicates that approximately three in five students are aged between 15 and 24 years and we know at least one in four of these young people will experience mental ill-health in any one year.

It is also possible that the very nature of the university experience could increase the risk of psychological distress among this population. For some students this experience includes: financial stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, balancing work and study responsibilities, living away from family and pressure to excel in the context of an increasingly competitive job market. It’s a combination of risk factors which can result in, or exacerbate, mental ill-health among university students.

As you can imagine, these statistics concern us and we have looked into ways to help ease these problems for Lincoln residents, which is why we need your help to raise funds for ways to help

‘Students that experience mental ill-health have been shown to be more likely to consider, or to actually exit, their course early.’ Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health ‘Under the Radar: The mental health of Australian university students.

At Lincoln we aim to help residents achieve their academic goals. We also pride ourselves on supporting each resident to be the best person they can be so they go on to be valuable members of our community. One of our initiatives to achieve that goal was to introduce personal training sessions led by a professional. Residents are encouraged to learn how to move safely and effectively to ensure maximum academic and mental health benefits.

According to ― John J. Ratey, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain “At every level, from the microcellular to the psychological, exercise not only wards off the ill effects of chronic stress; it can also reverse them. The mechanisms by which exercise changes how we think and feel are so much more effective than donuts, medicines, and wine. When you say you feel less stressed out after you go for a swim, or even a fast walk, you are.”

Currently we offer a personal training program that is funded from our revenue, our goal is to increase this type of program and develop more opportunities to support residents and we need your financial support to achieve that.

The next financial strain facing us, like many South Australians, is increasing electricity costs. Due to the general increase arising from supply and demand in electricity, Lincoln will see our power costs jump from an annual fee of $88,000 to $250,000.

As you can imagine this has caused some concern. We will not pass this increase on to residents as we need to remain competitive in the student accommodation market. One way we can look to offset those costs is by installing solar panels. In order for us to purchase the most effective and sustainable system that will allow us to sell back carbon certificates, we need approximately $200,000.

This is part of Lincoln’s long term planning, and to create sustainable environmental practices. Should you choose to support solar panels your donation will go towards this project. You may also like to support one of our Scholarships or Academic resources which we would greatly appreciate. Donate now

Please join with me and many of our Board and staff as we make a gift to ensure our current and future residents are given every chance to thrive during their time here at Lincoln.

We would also love to hear from you and to stay in touch we invite you to update your contact information here.

Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely
Linda Bastick
Principal and Chief Executive

I am sure you agree that the benefits of exercise on residents’ well being and investment in the college’s future by purchasing solar panels are both worthy causes? Your generous donation will ensure we can continue to provide a rewarding experience to our current and future residents.