Dr Geoff Scott Scholarship

The Dr Geoff Scott Scholarship has been a long time in the planning. Singaporean and Malaysian alumni previously approached the College to fundraise for a scholarship to honour the late Dr Scott, Principal of Lincoln College from 1984 to 1994. Since then, some have donated funds towards the scholarship!

We are keen to see this scholarship become a reality and have organised this dinner with the aim of raising enough money to fund an ongoing scholarship of at least ten weeks of College fees. The scholarship will be awarded to a Singaporean or Malaysian student wishing to live at Lincoln whilst attending university in Adelaide. The recipient will demonstrate cultural inclusiveness, academic potential and a love of community life, attributes which were highly valued by Dr Scott.

About Dr Scott

Rev Dr Geoff Scott took office as the third Head (First Principal) of Lincoln College on 1 March 1984. He was born in Broken Hill. After formal studies he was ordained in 1964. He then had experience in rural parishes and graduate studies in the United States of America. Prior to his appointment at Lincoln, he was a member of the ministerial team of Maughan Church, Adelaide Central Mission.

Geoff was known for his proactive approach and new style of entrepreneurial principalship during his time at College. The library was upgraded, academic support systems were reviewed, the tutorial system was expanded in 1985 and computers came to the College in 1989. The concept of tutors as part of the care structure of the College made significant contribution to the quality of community life, the provision of academic resources, and of course the security of the building. The pastoral and social role of tutors located on each floor contributed to the stability and enjoyment of the residents’ common life.

To make residence at Lincoln pleasant as possible, Geoff followed a tradition which his two predecessors had established by opening his residence to the College population from time to time. Geoff and his wife Suzanne sought to provided some compensation to young men and women who were obliged to live away from home if they were to receive the benefits of a university education.

Lincoln’s close association with overseas students was brought closer during his term at College between 1984 to 1994. In 1990, Dr Scott approached University of Adelaide’s administration about the possibility of additional overseas student accommodation being provided at Lincoln - a residential block linking the Keith Murray Building and Hambly Buildings - designed to accommodate a further sixty residents and to include other communal facilities. Originally referred as the International Building, this building was renamed Scott Building in recognition of the outstanding contribution of Geoff and Suzanne.

Geoff’s legacy is very tangible at Lincoln. His dedication to the College will continue to benefit residents at Lincoln well into the future.