Hambly Appeal

Donate to the Hambly Building Appeal and leave your mark!

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Hambly Building Appeal. The recent refurbishment of the Hambly Building has created a unique opportunity for alumni and friends of the College to show their support by donating to this Appeal. It also presents the chance to make a public and lasting statement about the importance of the College in their lives by having their name on a bedroom door, or even an entire corridor.

The refurbishemnt of the Hambly Building is one of the most significant refurbishment projects we have undertaken. Built in the late 1960s, the Hambly Building was named after Rev. Dr. Frank Hambly who was instrumental in the planning, development and establishment of the College. Rev. Dr. Hambly was also Master of the College for its first twenty years of operation.

The Hambly Building had risen to iconic status for those who lived there, with residents fondly nicknaming it ‘the ghetto’. Whilst its structure remained sound the interior was in dire need of refurbishment. After being closed for building works during 2015, when Hambly reopened to residents in February this year it was totally transformed into a modern, comfortable living space with facilities that better meet the needs of residents today.

Whilst the Government provided the bulk of the funding when Hambly was built, this was not the case with the refurbishment. Lincoln solely funded the $1.4 million project from accumulated surpluses. Through this Appeal we hope to recoup some of those costs which will enable us to complete other projects to improve facilities for our residents.

We therefore invite you, an alumni and/or friend of Lincoln College to consider the following tax deductible donation options:

$25,000 Naming rights to a Level 1, 2 or 3 corridor or social space. Leave a lasting legacy of what Lincoln means to you! This significant donation will mean your name is forever connected to a space where dreams come together, great plans are formulated, new loves are formed and fun things happen! 
$5,000 A door plaque bearing your name to be placed outside the Hambly bedroom of your choice: a permanent reminder of your time at Lincoln
$500 + Your name will be recorded on an honour board to be hung in Hambly Building, in recognition of your support for the College and its residents


The Hambly Building – new and improved

The new Hambly has a modern, yet slightly ‘retro’ feel. Bedrooms have king-single beds, new furniture, fridges, ceiling fans, eco-friendly heating and lighting, new carpet and wall panelling. Insulation in floors and walls means rooms are now quiet and study friendly. Bathrooms are light and modern. There are additional toilets in girls’ bathrooms and all the installation of mains pressure water has been greatly appreciated by all!

Sacrificing two bedrooms on each level enabled us to create much-needed social spaces with kitchenettes and TV/gaming areas. Corridors have new carpet, paint and energy efficient lighting, creating a more welcoming atmosphere. Stairwells have been upgraded with ‘tactiles’ to assist visually impaired residents. A new addressable fire system has been installed along with new electrical switchboards. Most importantly Hambly has the latest IT with a high speed wireless network and data points linked to fibre in every bedroom.

I urge you to join us in marking this important milestone in the College’s history by donating to the Hambly Building Appeal. So many people have treasured memories from their time spent in Hambly, and now you can contribute to future generations of Lincolnites creating happy memories for years to come.

Yours sincerely,
Linda Bastick
Principal/Chief Executive
Donor since 2009.